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openlab related Videos

15 Sep 2011

Intel Developer Forum 2011

One video with the participation of Andrzej Nowak (starts at minute 12), CERN openlab researcher, in the keynote presented by Justin Rattner, Intel Vice President and CTO, Senior Fellow and head of Intel Labs


27 May 2011

HP Video

One video with the participation of Jean Michel Jouanigot, Communications Systems Group Leader, IT Department, CERN.

30 May 2010

Intel keynote at ISC'10

One video with the participation of Sverre Jarp (starts at minute 34), CERN openlab CTO, in the Intel keynote at ISC'10 presented by Kirk B. Skaugen, .Vice President Intel Corporation and General manager Data Center Group

11 May 2010

Computing Seminar at CERN delivered by Intel

One video of the Computing Seminar given by Jeffrey Arnold, from Intel, at CERN, on 11th May 2010 on 'Software Aspects of IEEE Floating-Point Computations for Numerical Applications in High Energy Physics'


7 May 2010

Computing Seminar at CERN delivered by Intel

One video of the Computing Seminar given by Kathleen Knobe from Intel, at CERN, on 7th May 2010 on 'Concurrent Collections (CnC): A new approach to parallel programming'


6 Nov 2009

Intel Press Event in the Globe for Science and Innovation

One video of the interview of Sverre Jarp, CERN openlab CTO by Nicole Kobie, IT Pro.

13 Aug 2009

Intel Parallel Programming Talk and Intel Blog Talk Radio

One video of the interview of Wolfgang von Rüden, Head of CERN openlab by Aaron Tersteeg, Intel Parallel & Multi-Core Community Manager and Dr. Clay Breshears, Master of the Parallel Universe. This also possible to just listen to the interview recorded by Intel Blog Talk Radio.

27 Jan 2009

CERN IT Colloquium

One video of the the talk 'Inspiring Innovations' delivered by Craig Barrett, Intel Chairman, during his visit at CERN.


20 Oct 2008

Industry Awards Ceremony

Two videos presenting the key sessions of the Industry Awards Ceremony:

- Part 1video presents the speeches delivered during the first session in the afternoon. The LHC Computing session starts minute 106 of this recording.

- Part 2 video is dedicated to the awards: the LHC Computing Awards' session starts minute 10.

3 Oct 2008

Highlights from the LHC Grid Fest

A 15 minutes video highlighting the most memorable moments of the LHC Computing fest - which took place at CERN the 3rd October 2008,- including statements by the CERN DG and the IT department Head on the importance of the openlab partnerships, as well as the award ceremony to openlab partners Intel and Oracle.

3 Oct 2008 Interview with Wolfgang von Rüden - Head of IT Department A 15 minutes video where Wolfgang von Rüden, Head of the IT Department at CERN, explains the challenges of the the LHC Computing, and emphasizes the role of the openlab.

10 Sept 2008

CERN CTO Interview & Presentation Videos on Large Hadron Collider

A series of videos featuring Sverre Jarp, openlab CTO, during a visit made at Intel Digital Enterprise Group, Portland.

Also featured, a video interview of Wolfgang von Rüden, Head of the IT Department at CERN.

Full size picture

Sept 2007

Intel and CERN participation in Oracle OpenWorld 2007

A video featuring Paul S. Otellini, Intel Corporation President and CEO, and Dirk Düllmann, CERN Data Management Deputy Group Leader, during a speech delivered at Oracle OpenWorld 2007.

Full size picture


Intel Software & Solutions group video

An Intel video produced by the Software & Solutions group about key benefits of shared experience for Intel, partner companies and organisations.

Full size picture


The LHC and related computing at CERN

A video about the LHC and related computing, featuring René Brun, CERN Senior Physicist, and Andreas Hirstius, CERN openlab fellow.

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