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Anton Topurov

openlab technical personnel, funded by partner Oracle 2006 - 2009

Bio as of his openlab time
Anton graduated with excellence from the Master of Computer Science of the Technical University of Sofia. As an ERASMUS exchange student, he participated in the software development project at the Universit de Nice Sophia Antipolis. He got international exposure as a BEST-Sofia board member (Board of European Students of Technology), where he organized and participated in numerous BEST European courses, workshops and assemblies. During the last year of his studies he was awarded the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company's excellence scholarship and further joined the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company's IT department. In February 2005, he joined the Atlas Trigger and Data Acquisition project at CERN as a part of the networking team and, afterwards, the system administration team. Since April 2006, he has been a part of the openlab, working on testing, evaluation and deployment of new Oracle technologies at CERN.

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