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CERN openlab / Intel Spring 2009

Multi-Threading and Parallelism Workshop

(2 - 3 June 2009, CERN)

As researchers are reaching the limits of processor performance improvements by frequency scaling, it is clear that the future of computing lies in the effective utilization of parallel and multi-core architectures. Since this significant change in computing has already begun, it is vital for programmers to be aware of the possibilities and dangers which lie ahead.


A fifth instance of the Multi-threading and Parallelism Workshop will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2009 at CERN. An Intel expert and two openlab staff will lead the two day event and help you improve your knowledge by explaining the key intricacies of parallel programming and presenting the most efficient solutions to popular multi-threading problems. Two hands-on labs are also planned where participants will be able to improve their understanding of multi-threaded programming methodologies and learn to use tools for debugging and profiling multi-threaded applications. Non-expert users should feel more than welcome, as the course is a great opportunity to improve their knowledge.


Event highlights:

  • Day 1, AM: Lectures
    • Fundamental aspects of multi-threaded and parallel computing:
    • The move to multi-core and its impact on software
    • Important parallelism and multi-threading concepts
    • OpenMP discussion
  • Day 1, PM: Hands-on lab #1
    • Intel Threading Tools overview and exercises
    • Parallel programming exercises in Linux environments


  • Day 2 AM: Lectures
    • POSIX Threads discussion
    • Threaded programming methodology and scalability issues
    • Vector computing discussion
    • New directions
    • CERN-specific parallelism related topics
  • Day 2 PM: Hands-on lab #2
    • Parallel programming exercises in Linux environments



  • Familiarity with the C or C++ programming language
  • Basic knowledge of Linux


The workshop is organised by CERN openlab for users affiliated with CERN, free of charge at this time. Registrations are based on a first-come first-served basis 40 seats are available for the lectures and 15 seats for the labs please indicate which are of interest to you during registration. Both labs are different and both should be attended in case the lab is of interest. Go to EDH in order to register. All registrations will be confirmed by e-mail a registration in EDH does not yet guarantee a place in the workshop. Contact us for further information.

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