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Milosz Hulboj

openlab technical personnel,  funded by partner HP ProCurve

Milosz Hulboj studied at Warsaw University of Technology. He did his B.Sc. degree in the area of Telecommunication and was then involved in ALICE Detector Construction Database project. Later on he was a Technical Student at CERN in IT-CO-BE section, where he was developing PVSS SCADA applications for controlling the cooling and ventilation and was involved in initial PVSS Oracle performance testing. For his M.Sc. thesis he analysed the performance issues related with Explicit Model Predictive Control and Multiparametric Optimisation. After finish his studies he was working for the Statconsulting company, where he was developing software for data mining, statistical analysis and text mining. In July 2007 he re-joined CERN openlab as a Fellow working in the HP ProCurve networking project. Milosz's current fields of interest include network security, data mining and statistical analysis.

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