openlab Management Structure

The work of the openlab is organized at CERN through a management structure, the openlab Management Unit (oMU). The oMU is a transversal unit and involves members from various groups in the IT department.

The membership includes the Head of the openlab, and a Core Unit formed of the openlab Manager, the Chief Technology Officer, the Administrative Assistant and the Communications Officer. This is complemented by liaison persons to the EGEE and WLCG projects, and liaison persons to each of the sponsors.

oMU members

Note that most of the people listed below contribute only part-time to the openlab activity.

Technical and administrative people from departmental groups also contribute to the openlab project(s), including from:

EN-ICE Group

IT-CS Group
IT-DB Group

IT-DI Group

IT-DSS Group

This Web page contains pointers to material related to the management of openlab in the the Information Technology Division at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).  These materials are publicly available on the Web exclusively for the benefit of the staff and users of CERN. Their use and distribution are regulated by the CERN copyright notice.