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List of Students participating in the

openlab Student Programme 2007

2011 2010 2009 2008 2007

Last name First Name University D/G
Name of project Supervisor name
Brlund Lars Mikael HIP, Finland PH/UCM 19.06.07-19.08.07 Digital pen guestbook T. Iemi
Cameirano Serena University of Dublin,  Trinity Coll., Ireland IT/DI-OPL 03.07.07-31.08.07 Provisioning computing resources with high availability X. Grehant
Christoforaki Maria University of Patras, Greece IT/DI 20.06.07-20.08.07 Content delivery and streaming in P2P overlay networks Punceva
Czech Wojciech University of Science and Technology in Krakw, Poland IT/DI 16.07.07-14.09.07 Grid Monitoring Messaging system P. Nyczyk
Dehlay Alexandre ENST-Bretagne, France IT/DI 16.07.07-14.09.07 Indico internationalisation T. Baron
Canizales Diaz Jorge University of Madrid, Spain IT/DI 22.06.08-21.08.07 Performance monitoring  
Dominguez Antonio University of Cadiz, Spain PH/UCM 09.07.07-09.09.07 Grid-based financial software A. Heikkila
Entrena Casas Manuel University of Granada, Spain IT/DI 13.08.07-02.10.07 Monitoring interface system C. Lambert
Esteves Jaramillo Rodolfo Gabriel University of Waterloo, Canada IT/DI 01.08.07-30.09.07 Compiler optimisation  
Motta Gomes Paulo Ricardo University Campina Grande, Brazil IT/EGEE 02.07.09-02.09.07 Virtualisation  (Xen) to set up gLite training infrastructures E. Laure
Habib Irfan

University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

IT/DI 03.07.07-31.08.07 Platform virtualization in a Grid environment H. Bjerke
Jurga Piotr University of Bydgoszcz, Poland IT/DI 02.07.07-31.08.07 Power measurements A.Hirstius
Koeckerbauer Thomas University of Linz, Austria IT/LCG 03.09.07-31.10.07 Xen for VGrid portal O. Khalid
Labarre Anais University Lyon 1, France UNOSAT 16.06.07-23.08.07 Mobile Grid access for Satellite imagery A. Retiere
Leal Algara Katia Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain IT/EGEE 23.07.07-21.09.07 Digital Libraries Services on gLite R. Faggian &
Leitner Maria University in Vienna, Austria IT/DI 04.07.07-31.08.07 Oracle Real Application Clusters Virtualisation A. Topurov
Levy Jim University Lyon 1, France IT/DI 02.07.07-31.08.07 Web Stastistics for J2EE Public Service users L. Moreno Lopez
Nater Christopher University in Edinburgh, UK IT/GD 05.07.07-17.08.07 Reviews and updates to GRID user documentation for EGEE and LCG A. Mills
Pauna Eduard University of Bucharest, Romania IT/GD 12.06.07-02.08.07 Develop Service Availability Monitoring Security sensors R. Wartel
Preissl Robert University of Linz, Austria IT/DI 01.09.07-31.10.07 Porting physics software to BOINC B. Segal
Soriano David University of Madrid, Spain IT/PSS 15.07.07-15.09.07 Lightweight GUI for Ganga data location D. Liko
Sottoriva Andrea University of Amsterdam, The Netherland IT/DI 18.06.07-15.08.07 Scalabitity analysis of Tycoon J. Dana
Stojiljkovic Danica University of Belgrade, Serbia IT/GD 13.08.07-10.10.07 Automatic deployment of gLite User Interface with ETICS E. Begin & A. Di Meglio
Weir David Imperial College London, UK IT/DI 09.07.07-01.09.07 BOINC and ATLAS computing using Virtualization B. Segal
Wyszynski Krzysztof University of Silesia, Poland IT/DES 02.07.07-31.08.07 Database Access Management framework extension A. Wiecek

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