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The WIND Project: Who knows which way the WIND is blowing?


In February 2010, a new research project which aims at improving the Wi-Fi network deployment and operation in large campus environments was begun with HP ProCurve.

Nowadays, wireless networks are becoming ubiquitous, and the density of wireless networks is increasing. Compared to wired networks, the wireless installations pose many more challenges due to the nature of the radio-wave propagation and limited spectrum available. Research on optimal deployment and operation of large-scale installations is still in its infancy.

CERN provides a particularly challenging environment for wireless networks. The demand for wireless access is growing and so are the user needs. There is a wide range of different areas for access, e.g., conference rooms, auditoriums, long corridors, offices but also warehouse-like buildings and assembly halls. Answering the expectations of such a large and diverse user community is a real challenge.

A new openlab team under the codename WIND (Wireless Infrastructure Network Deployment) will carry out research and provide new algorithms, guidelines and solutions that will support the deployment and operation of the Wi-Fi infrastructure at CERN. Results of the research could then possibly be incorporated into HP ProCurve hardware and software to provide even more robust and efficient networking solutions.

The WIND leaflet is available to you for download.

Sharp tools are needed to attack this difficult research problem. ProCurve Access Points provide the essential elements of information.

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