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Education Corner

The openlab is a unique undertaking at CERN. The only large-scale structure for developing industrial R&D partnerships, it comprises three dimensions: the Creation of Expertise, the Communications activities, and the Education dimension. The three are interlinked.

Expertise is created through the evaluation of solutions as well as genuine research and development on IT technologies. It is then disseminated through multiple communications channels (including our upcoming newsletter). The third dimension, the openlab education programme, complements the dissemination of knowledge, and constitutes an essential pillar of the openlab-III activities.

The openlab education programme provides active dissemination. This is where it differs from passive dissemination such as publication of reports or articles. This active dissemination is currently achieved through three lines of actions:

  • Workshops or seminars are regularly organized at CERN on advanced topics directly connected to openlab projects, such as Database Performance, Many-Core Programming or Optimized Programming of Modern Processors. Several of these workshops combine hands-off theory with hands-on practice.

  • openlab experts contribute to off-site education activities such as the CERN School of Computing.

  • openlab runs a special summer student programme which in itself is a genuine education undertaking. Indeed, every year, a dozen young undergraduate students join CERN for 2 months. Their stay is financed by an innovative tripartite funding scheme (Industry, Universities and CERN). When at CERN, not only do they "learn by doing" but they attend a programme of lectures focusing on advanced IT technology, and combining fundamentals and CERN specific hot topics.

We will regularly report on recent achievements and plans on openlab education in this education corner.



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