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Alfio Lazzaro

openlab technical personnel

Alfio Lazzaro graduated in Particle Physics at the University of Milan, with a thesis on measurement of CP violation in charmless B decays at BaBar experiment at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Afterward he started his PhD in Physics at University of Milan, working at the BaBar experiment, where he did several measurements on charmless B meson decays. He defended his thesis on January 12th, 2007. During this period he developed a data analysis program to perform such analyses, based on the ROOT framework. After his PhD, he had an "Assegno di Ricerca" (Italian PostDoc) at the University of Milan, with activity on the Babar experiment and the Atlas experiment at CERN. For the latter he spent 2008 and 2009 working on a development of a software tool for track resolution measurements. Since the beginning of his PhD he started a project of optimization and parallelization of data analysis software, collaborating with HPC Cineca group at Bologna and the ROOT team. In particular he is collaborating on the development of the RooFit and RooStats data analysis packages, which are part of ROOT framework.  In 2010, he joined CERN openlab with a COFUND-CERN and Marie Curie fellowship. Within openlab, he is working on the optimization and parallelization of software used in High Energy Physics community for many-cores systems, in collaboration with Intel.

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