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About openlab Summer Student Programme 2010

CERN is where the World Wide Web was born over 20 years ago...


…and where dizzying challenges in networking, data processing and storage abound!



Located just outside Geneva, straddling the border between Switzerland and France, CERN is the world’s leading particle physics research institute.

CERN explores what matter is made of and what holds it together by accelerating protons to a fraction under the speed of light and then smashing them together. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has just started and is expected to generate some 15 million gigabytes of data per year. More than ever, CERN will be a particularly thrilling place this summer!

Through close collaboration with leading industrial partners, CERN acquires early access to technology well before it reaches the general computing market. CERN openlab is the framework for evaluating and integrating cutting-edge IT technologies and services. Together with our partners, HP, Intel, Oracle and Siemens, we are working on:

- Computer Server Platforms and Related Software

- Relational Databases

- Network Monitoring Software

- Automation and Controls Software

- Grid Middleware

- Wireless Networks

By joining the CERN openlab Student Programme, you will work with some of the latest hardware and software technologies and see how advanced IT solutions are used in high energy physics.

You will also become acquainted with other key technologies for industrial and commercial purposes, through external visits and special invited talks.

The CERN openlab Summer Student Programme is much more than just a summer at CERN. It can lead to follow-on projects in your home institute at bachelors', masters' or Ph.D. level. It may even inspire you to become an entrepreneur in cutting-edge computing technologies.


Open up your mind…and apply.


Download openlab student programme flyer (pdf)


Contact: sverre (dot) jarp (at) cern (dot) ch



Join the CERN openlab student programme!


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