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openlab summer student program 2005

This year's summer student program contains also a series of lectures delivered by openlab and other CERN staff members. The topics have been chosen by the students. Please contact Sverre Jarp for further details.


Topic Speaker Room Time Date
Lecture 1: How to setup a cluster A. Hirstius     07/15/05
Lecture 2: Introduction to Infiniband A.Horvath     07/18/05
Lecture 3: RAC 10g on Linux M. Jakubowska-Sobczak     07/19/05
Lecture 4: Data Storage Technology A. Horvath 513-1-024 10:30 08/04/05
Lecture 5: How to make resources be a part of the LCG infrastructure A. Unterkircher openspace 15:00 08/09/05
Lecture 6: The Itanium processor instruction set architecture S. Jarp openspace 15:00 08/10/05
Lecture 7: Virtualization with Xen H. Bjerke openspace 15:00 08/16/05

The first three lectures are repeated on the following dates (openspace, 15:00): Lecture 1 08/23/05, Lecture 2 08/24/05, Lecture 3 08/25/05.

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