Management news

9 Dec 2009


openlab is Hiring one Network Engineer / Developer in the field of wireless networking

20 Oct 2009


CERN openlab is hiring two Network Engineers / Developers in the field of wireless networking

06 July 2009

13 Intel ISEF Best of Category pre-college winners come to visit CERN, the coolest place on Earth

08 June 2009

The CERN openlab annual report 2008-2009 is now available!

29 Apr 2009

Dr. Ildefons Magrans de Abril receives a 'Thesis Award' from CMS experiment

03 Apr 2009

The Board of Sponsors officially closes the second phase of CERN openlab and launches CERN openlab-III

30 Jan 2009

CERN openlab III Major Review Meeting proves to be a great ideas catalyst

28 Jan 2009

Craig Barrett, Intel Chairman of the Board, delivers well attended conference at CERN

22 Jan 2009

Application period now open for CERN openlab Summer Student Programme 2009!

19 Jan 2009

Welcome CERN openlab III

19 Jan 2009

Farewell to CERN openlab II