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2009 Technical News



Technical news

10 Dec 2009


The Oracle openlab team makes major advances

10 Dec 2009


CERN openlab tests Oracle's Advanced Compression Option with Exadata

30 Nov 2009

Dr. Rajeeb Hazra will be giving a computing seminar on Exascale Computing at CERN on Friday 4 December

24 Nov 2009


Intel and openlab continue to deliver training to CERN's programmers

6 Nov 2009


The team evaluates the energy consumption and performance of Intel's Xeon 5500 DP servers

20 Oct 2009


openlab tests PVSS Oracle Archiver

19 Oct 2009


The Platform Competence Centre conducts multi-core scalability tests with CERN software

6 Oct 2009


CINBAD team analyses 100GB of data per day

28 Sep 2009

Dr. Pradeep K. Dubey will be delivering a computing seminar at CERN on Monday, October 5, on current Intel R&D activities on throughput computing

16 June 2009

The June CERN openlab Technical Meeting discusses scalability tests of a multithreaded Geant4 prototype and the Larrabee new instructions

19 May 2009

The May Technical Meeting discusses security standards convergence and relevance in Process Control Systems as well as the automated deployment of Siemens software

07 May 2009

CERN openlab / Intel spring 2009 multi-threading and parallelism workshop's registration is open!

21 Apr 2009

The April Technical Meeting discusses CINBAD project update and the first results of Intel Xeon 5500 (Nehalem) benchmarks

The March Technical Meeting presents an update on activities for technical database services and the storage IOs of Oracle

The February Minor Review Meeting discusses Atom N330 processor and perfmon in Linux kernel

Computer Architecture and Performance Tuning Workshop's registration is open!


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