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CERN openlab Phase I - opencluster: SmartFrog

SmartFrog (Smart Framework for Object Groups) is a technology for describing distributed software systems as collections of cooperating components, and then activating and managing them. It was developed by HP Labs in Bristol (UK) and is released under LGPL. For more information visit the SmartFrog homepage. In 2004 two students worked with us on SmartFrog components. One of the projects resulted in an implementation of the Service Location Protocol in SmartFrog (see the reports section).

openlab SmartFrog distribution

We provide rpms containing SmartFrog here. The dev rpm contains the whole SmartFrog distribution including source code. The dist rpm contains a SmartFrog distribution which is configured to run as a daemon. It contains an init script to start/stop the SmartFrog daemon. You should use the latest SmartFrog release: SmartFrog-3.08.004-dev.noarch.rpm, SmartFrog-3.08.004-dist.noarch.rpm.

openlab SmartFrog components

In an ongoing project we develop SmartFrog components and make them available. They address issues encountered when trying to (un)install software on Linux clusters: downloading of files, installation of rpms, manipulation of "key-value" as well as xml configuration files (e.g. adding/removing an entry to /etc/services), distribution of SSH keys. The current release is 1.0. Have a look at the documentation (pdf) to get an impression what you can do with these components. As an application we show how to use SmartFrog to install, configure and uninstall a PBS/Torque cluster. Another example illustrates how distribute SSH keys.

Downloads for release 1.0

sfOpenlabTools-1.0.jar for direct use with SmartFrog
sfOpenlabTools-1.0-doc.pdf documentation
sfOpenlabExamples-1.0.jar examples
sfOpenlabTools-1.0-jdocs.tar.gz Java docs

sfOpenlabTools need serveral external classes which can be found in the ext/ directory in CVS: Java Secure Channel, Jakarta commons io, xerces-j.

To check out the whole sfOpenlabTools tree from CVS  export

then do cvs co -r rel-1-0 SmartFrog

Access to the openlab CVS repository via a web interface.

For more information contact Andreas Unterkircher or Xavier Grehant at CERN.

Last update: Wednesday, 11. January 2012 16:06

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