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CERN openlab Phase I - opencluster

Grid Computing: LCG on Itanium

In collaboration with the LCG team we are porting the software used for the LHC Computing Grid Project (LCG) to ItaniumŪ 2 processsors. This includes middleware from EDG, EGEE, a special patched version of Globus (VDT distribution) and some additional software. The rpms are made publicly available.


The current tag available is LCG-2_7_0. The software has been tested on Scientific Linux Cern SLC 3.

How to start

First decide which nodes you want to run on IA64. If you are already an LCG site using IA32s you might want to use the IA32 RB and UI. It is also possible to mix IA64 and IA32 nodes, e.g. an IA32 CE serving an IA64 cluster (WNs). However, the machines within one cluster of WNs should be homogeneous. For instructions on how to join LCG read the follwing document (html, pdf). Note that this document has been written only for IA32. For installation of IA64 nodes read the following section.

Installation and configuration

At the moment installation of the rpms must be done manually (or you invent your own procedure doing this). The apt mechanism is not supported. However configuration of the middleware can be done by YAIM. Please contact Andreas Unterkircher at CERN for any questions concerning LCG on IA64 installation.

Old releases: LCG-2_6_0 installation page LCG-2_4_0 installation page

The SPACI Project has developed automated installation procedures to install LCG on IA64. If you want to use them you can find instructions here.

Mailing list

Please subscribe to the lcg-support-ia64 mailing list and post any questions to this list. Access can be obtained through the CERN Listbox services (if you don't have a CERN account go to "External Subscription to Lists").

Links to documentation

  • LCG2 Information System Trouble Shooting Guide ... here

  • BDII configuration ... here

  • Generic Information Provider ... here

  • LCG software development portal ... here

  • GOC Wiki ... here

  • GLobal Grid User Support ... here

  • NSF Middleware Documentation ... here

This Web page contains pointers to material related to the management of openlab in the the Information Technology Division at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).  These materials are publicly available on the Web exclusively for the benefit of the staff and users of CERN.

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